- We get a promo from Extreme Rules.

- We go to the ring and Eden introduces Vince McMahon. Out he comes to a mixed reaction.

Vince hits the ring and a massive CM Punk chant breaks out. Vince motions for them to get louder. He starts touting how successful RAW has been over the years and the Punk chants start back up. Vince wonders how long they can go with that. Vince tells them to come on, they've got more than that. Vince calls them a crazy crowd. He goes back to talking about RAW and says it's successful because they always reinvent things. He says his favorite era would have been the Attitude Era. Vince says we have a new era and we need a new leader. Vince names traits and gets the "what!?" treatment. Vince says the new leader has to be a person of great ethics. Vince asks who should run RAW, his son Shane or his daughter Stephanie. Shane gets the pop while Stephanie gets booed. Vince brings out Stephanie McMahon to more boos.

Vince says his daughter is beautiful and she blushes. The boos continue as she thanks everyone for their support after Roman Reigns viciously speared her at WrestleMania 32. Vince yells at the crowd and calls them animals, telling them to show some respect. Stephanie says it's alright because she doesn't want their support, compassion or sympathy. Stephanie goes on and says she's a leader. She touts some of the stars we've seen come in under The Authority like The Shield, Kevin Owens, The New Day, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Charlotte and AJ Styles. She says The Authority also launched the WWE Network, touting the 1.8 million subscribers. She goes on and mentions Shane McMahon, saying he abandoned the WWE Universe for 7 years when the going got tough. She asks what would stop him from doing that again. Stephanie reminds her dad that Shane lost to The Undertaker inside Hell In a Cell and while his Cell leap was impressive, the risk was just pure stupidity. Fans chant "boring" now. Stephanie says the only way Shane got his foot back in the door was by blackmailing Vince. Stephanie says Vince needs the smartest, savviest and most experienced leader he can have... her. Shane's music interrupts and out he comes to a pop.

Shane gets a big chant as he enters the ring. He usually doesn't like to talk about himself but since Stephanie is, he will. He asks how many headlines The Authority got over the yeas. He shows a few headlines with Shane in the title from Sporting News, Sky Sports, FOX Sports, Bleacher Report and others. A big "yes!" chant breaks out. Shane gives Vince credit for the WWE Network but says Stephanie can't take credit for the 1.8 million subscribers, only the subscribers can. Shane says there was a jump around WrestleMania 32 and while that was an amazing event, perhaps everyone was extra interested in his match. Fans chant "you still got it" now. Stephanie thanks them and agrees that she does still have it. They boo her. Shane goes on and says he came back to ensure the future of the company for his kids, Stephanie's kids and all the fans. Shane gets the crowd to get really loud to help make his case. Vince talks now and says tonight is about him and what he wants. He wants blood, figuratively speaking. The CM Punk chants start again. Vince says he wants to see them slit each others throats, disembowel each other. Vince says this could be good for RAW and the family. He announces that they both have equal say and tells them to go figure it out. The music hits and Vince leaves smiling. Shane and Stephanie shake hands before the RAW theme hits and they leave, both looking somewhat skeptical.

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