On the latest episode of Forbes SportsMoney in the video at the bottom of this post, Mike Ozanian, Bob Lorenz, Sal Galatioto discussed their recent article listing WWE's highest paid wrestlers, that we noted back in March. Ozanian said that it was the hardest list that they have ever done, and that they went through lawsuits and talked to agents to compile the data.

Ozanian noted that average WWE star only makes about $500,000 / year in base pay before bonuses, which are given for merchandise, royalties and pay-per-view. The panel then went on to discus the WWE Network and how big of a success WrestleMania 32 was, as well as WWE stock outperforming the market. They also talked about how big The Rock and John Cena have become outside of wrestling. Galatioto said that The Rock was his favorite wrestler.

In case you missed it this past March, below is the list of the top ten highest paid wrestlers in WWE.

1. John Cena - $9.5 million
2. Brock Lesnar - $6.0 million
3. Triple H - $2.8 million
4. Randy Orton - $2.7 million
5. Seth Rollins - $2.4 million
6. Roman Reigns - $2.1 million
7. The Undertaker - $2.0 million
8. Big Show - $1.5 million
9. Kane - $1.3 million
10. Dean Ambrose - $1.1 million

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