Becky Lynch recently did a lengthy Q&A with Ashley Benson of Check out the full article at this link and highlights below:

AB: Do you consider what you do as a sport, a performance, or a fight?

BL: "All of the above. The sports portion is the athleticism we show in the ring, the performance is the most prevalent aspect, and the fight is with yourself to be better than you were yesterday."

AB: Do you still get nervous before a match?

BL: "Every single time. There were two matches I wasn't nervous for, and they were the worst matches ever. Every time I get the butterflies I thank God."

AB: What is dating like given your career in WWE?

BL: "It is not easy because of the constant travel, being on the road five days a week is very tough. Sometimes you're lucky enough to find someone who gets it."

AB: What are your goals outside of the ring?

BL: "Eventually I would love to open a café or restaurant in New York City. I want to create a good life for myself and the people I love, stay true to myself while making the world a little better."

AB: How has social media affected your career and life for better or worse?

BL: "It gives me a platform to voice my opinion and reach a vast audience. I hope that through social media I can give a voice to young women everywhere. I also get to tell silly jokes!"

Check out the full Q&A with Becky at this link.

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