Source: Steve Austin Show

We noted yesterday WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley stated that Steve Austin wasn't hosting the upcoming WWE Network "Tell All" podcast with Shane McMahon because Austin had a prior commitment. Austin tweeted Wrestling Inc. and said that he would address why he isn't hosting the podcast today.

Austin spoke on his podcast this morning and said he's not hosting because he's still doing rehab from the recent right shoulder surgery he had to repair a torn rotator cuff, AC joint and labral tear.

"I'm healing up from a shoulder surgery. It was a very extensive shoulder surgery and there was an announcement on about Mick Foley hosting a podcast and a tell all conversation with Shane McMahon. And the reason I won't be doing that podcast is because my wing, it was a very extensive surgery [to] reattach [my] bicep." Austin continued, "but I wish Mick Foley all the best of luck in the world. He happens to be a great friend of mine as does Shane McMahon, so there's no animosity, no heat there between any of the parties involved. It's just a fact of me trying to get my wing straight, so I can get on about my business to get back to work."

Austin noted that he will start working on his range of motion in three weeks but will be in a sling for another month. Austin added that he was ready to travel to Baltimore for the interview, but didn't want to risk messing up the recent operation.

"I was going to go up to Baltimore, Maryland and interview the one and only Shane McMahon on The Stone Cold Podcast, but due to the fact to the extensive nature of the shoulder injury, it's one thing for me to show up and whoop somebody's ass at WrestleMania because that was a once in a lifetime thing, probably last of a lifetime thing at [WrestleMania] 32. That's why [close personal friend Ted Fowler was] there, but I'm not going to be walking through airports and s--t like that and bump into a bunch of motherf--kers and f--k up all this work, so I'm hanging here at the house." Austin restated, "there's no heat between me and WWE. There's no heat between me and Mick Foley. I wish Mick Foley all the luck in the world. He's one of my best friends, so hopefully they'll have a great conversation on 5-23 when Mick Foley hosts the tell all conversation with Shane McMahon."

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