It was a busy and EXTREMELY controversial week on Aside from talking to the brilliant Mickie James about child birth and shooting placentas across the room, and talking the talk with Jerry Ferrara, "Turtle" from Entourage, about bagging Jamie Lynn-Sigler and hugging it out with Robert DeNiro, I made some pretty heavy statements that has seemed to ruffle some feathers throughout the IWC.

No, it wasn't my comment during the Attitude Era Show concerning how Vince McMahon used his heel heat to get other wrestlers over, compared to his daughter who uses the same kind of heat to get HERSELF over, and it wasn't even the one-on-one, no holds barred twitter "discussion" that I had with my good friend Road Dog yesterday that I discuss on Chicken Necks. No, the heat came when I made the well thought out decisions to separate great "workers" from great "tumblers". The difference is real simple--great workers "sell"---it's part of the work, while great tumblers don't. They just go from spot-to-spot as if they are on the main stage in Vega performing for Cirque du Soleil! Yeah, I ruffled a lot of feathers with that one.

Here's some highlights on my discussions with Mickie:

As a woman becoming pregnant in the wrestling industry:

"At a point you accept it and embrace it. It is kind of scary because you're watching your body transform. And the whole time your thinking, 'am I going to be able to get it back to where it was?' Especially because our business is so cosmetic as it is. Especially females. It's all about looks."

How she broke the news to her husband Nick Aldis (Magnus) about the pregnancy:

"He was on the road with TNA, he was the Champ at the time, and we were in Texas for Valentine's Day for the loop. And . . . you just kinda know. I guess I had known, or felt like I might have been for a while, but you know--you just don't want to accept it. So, I went back to the room and took a test and it was--HOLY CRAP, I'M PREGNANT! So, I went back to the store, bought another test, and took it again. So, I took a picture of the test, texted it to Nick and said, 'Happy Valebtine's Day!'"

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