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The WWE website recently spoke with new Performance Center recruit Nicole Glencross, known to pro wrestling fans as Nikki Storm. Check out the full interview at this link. Below are highlights:

WWE.COM: You've competed internationally for much of your entire career. What advantages does that bring you as you begin your WWE career?

GLENCROSS: For me, the good thing about traveling and wrestling across all these different countries is it makes you really grow as a person. It helps your wrestling grow, it helps your skill grow, it gets you used to working with different styles, different people you really have to adapt. At the same time, when you go to somewhere like Japan, America, Canada or anywhere in Europe, you also still can't forget why they brought you there in the first place. You very much still have to be able to adapt, but also be yourself and bring stuff to the table.

Also, as I touched on earlier, you grow as a person, I think. The more life experience you can have, I think it's very good and helps a lot. The important thing is holding on to what you are and what brought you to the table, but also to adapt, because, in wrestling, you never know what to expect, so you have to be very open-minded. You have to go with the flow and fight for the stuff that you really want.

WWE.COM: What are your short- and long-term goals as you begin your tenure here in WWE?

GLENCROSS: NXT Women's Championship, WWE Women's Championship, Tag Team Championship by myself [laughs]. No, for me, I've got goals in mind and I want to leave a legacy behind, and in 20 years' time, I want people to know exactly who I was. I want to be in the WWE Hall of Fame, I want to achieve greatness, I want to have these amazing matches, I want to have history-making matches and I do want to become champion. I've got big goals for myself.

WWE.COM: What do you think distinguishes you from other Superstars on the NXT or WWE rosters?

GLENCROSS: I'm "The Best in the Galaxy," soon to be "Best in the Universe"! [Laughs] No, I'm kidding. Everyone has that attitude. Everyone wants to be first one in and the last one to leave the building. I very much have that work ethic. For me, I never feel as if [anything] is good enough. Whatever I do, I always analyze it and I always try to improve on the last time. People have always said to me I have an unhealthy obsession and I just always want to be better than everyone else. To be honest, that is what makes me stand out, because it's not going to go away. The higher up I go, the more pressure I'm going to put on myself. I've always had a chip on my shoulder, especially when I first walked in the door in wrestling back in 2008 I've always had a point to prove.

The full interview can be found at this link.

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