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- Chris Jericho comes out and says he's the reason that Dean Ambrose isn't at Smackdown tonight after the beating from Raw. Instead, he presents himself as a gift to the crowd before introducing Sami Zayn. Jericho calls Zayn a sore loser for attacking Kevin Owens, and a thief for holding Miz's title above his head. Zayn says he's a good person and Jericho's scarf makes him looks stupid. Miz comes out and says Zayn rode Owens' coattails to the WWE and now Zayn is trying to ride his. Miz says Zayn better never touch his title, which causes Zayn to touch the title. Jericho gets pissed and leaves the show. Zayn challenges Miz to a match, but Miz ducks out of the ring.

Sami Zayn vs. The Miz (w/ Maryse)

Zayn starts the match out with several arm drags, but gets dropped across the top turnbuckle. He comes back with a leg lariat for a quick two count. Zayn gets some offense on the outside of the ring, but Kevin Owens comes out and stares Zayn down. As we come back, Owens is on commentary and Miz clotheslines Zayn in the corner. Zayn recovers and hits a tope con hilo on Miz, but Owens attacks, causing a DQ.

Winner: Sami Zayn via DQ

Owens and Miz attack, and Cesaro makes the save, but ends up 'accidentally' uppercutting Zayn as well. He hits the Uppercut Express with his sunglasses still on. He raises the IC title above his head.

- Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows and AJ Styles are backstage and Anderson says Styles wouldn't have thought twice about cracking Reigns with a chair back in the day. Styles says that he'll become champion on his own. Anderson says that they respect that, but Reigns doesn't, and Styles will have to go extreme. Styles says it's time for him to have a chat with Reigns.

The Vaudevillains vs. Social Outcasts

The Vaudevillians gain an early advantage, but a double clothesline leave Axel and Gotch both down. Dallas comes in and gets a belly-to-belly suplex on English, but eats a boot and the Whirling Dervish before being pinned.

Winners: The Vaudevillains via pinfall (Whirling Dervish)

Big Cass comes out and says The Vaudevillains look like they just walked off of the set of Sherlock Holmes to solve the case of 'Who's gonna get whooped?' He says it'll be both, and because they're in Kansas City, and it'll be a 'Royal beatdown.' The Vaudevillains run, and Curtis Axel yells at them. Cass hits the East River Crossing and stands tall.

Natalya & Becky Lynch vs. Emma & Charlotte (w/ Ric Flair)

Natalya is in control until Charlotte lands a boot. Emma and Charlotte take turns putting the boots to Natalya. She finally gets the tag to Becky, who dominates Emma until Charlotte pulls her out of the ring. Emma attacks from behind, taking advantage. Emma's tag work is leaps and bounds above the rest of the female roster. Charlotte applies the headscissors and drives Becky's head into the mat before a commercial.

Becky fights back after the break, but she eats a boot and a knee drop from Charlotte. Becky catches Emma with an enziguri and tags Natalya, who hits a slingshot atomic whip and applies the Sharpshooter. Emma is tagged in and lands the Emma Sandwich, but gets locked in the Sharpshooter and has to tap out.

Winner: Natalya & Emma via submission (Sharpshooter)

- Roman Reigns is backstage with the Usos and AJ Styles shows up. Styles asks if Reigns will be out for the Usos vs. Gallows and Anderson tonight. Reigns says he'll be wherever he wants to be.

- Darren Young says that he needs a life coach, and asks Bob Backlund to do it. Backlund says that wrestling is life and Darren Young needs to learn that.

Zack Ryder vs. Rusev (w/ Lana)

Ryder dropkicks Rusev and slams him into the ring post, but Rusev puts the boots to Ryder. He lands some nice deadlift throwing suplexes and applies the Accolade to get the submission.

Winner: Rusev via submission (The Accolade)

Kalisto comes out, hits a springboard attack on Rusev and darts from the ring. Rusev is livid.

- Fandango is backstage making Goldust dance. R-Truth dances instead, saying to give Goldust a break. Fandango proposes Goldango vs. Gorgeous Truth for next week, which Truth accepts.

Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows (w/ AJ Styles) vs. Usos (w/ Roman Reigns)

The Usos start off on a hot streak until Anderson tosses one of them outside the ring. While Reigns is checking on him, Anderson kicks him in the face and the everyone fights. AJ Styles challenges Reigns and the Usos to a 6-man tag.

Roman Reigns & The Usos vs. AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

Reigns plants Styles with a big uppercut and gets a quick two count. Anderson enters and walks into a boot before the Samoans triple team him for a two. Gallows tags in and meets the same fate, but turns the tides and boots the Usos to ringside. Styles gets his time in the ring and is welcomed by an Uso enziguri.

Reigns grabs a hot tag and goes nuts on all of his opponents, especially Anderson, who gets about 20 clotheslines. Styles and Gallows both get knocked down, but Styles still manages to drop Reigns with a forearm. Anderson follows up with a spinebuster for two, but Reigns gets a spear for the win!

Winners: Roman Reigns and The Usos via pinfall (Spear)

Reigns and Styles face off after the match.

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