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Recently on The Steve Austin Show, WWE Hall Of Famer 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin called WWE Payback one of WWE's best live special events in years and he talked at length about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Roman Reigns and AJ Styles.

According to Austin, Payback was one of WWE's best live special events in years.

"I loved this pay-per-view." Austin continued, "this was probably the best pay-per-view I've seen in a couple of years. And in my opinion, this card, it wasn't the spectacle that was WrestleMania, but if you want to talk about a string of matches that was the entire card, that blows everything out of the water that was the last couple of years for me."

Austin had particularly high praise for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, calling it a five-star bout.

"I'm giving it five [stars]. The match was that good. That was one of the best matches in a couple of years. That's my opinion." Austin explained, "there wasn't anything in this match that I could correct or say 'that could have been better' because it was all top notch stuff. Great story, I loved all the false finishes, loved the finish, and AJ Styles is a huge star. I hope everybody realizes that and Roman Reigns went to bat, the bases were loaded, and he hit a grand slam. End of story."

In the opinion of 'The Bionic Redneck', the Payback main event was the kind of star making match that Reigns should have had with Triple H at WrestleMania 32.

"AJ carried the match, but Roman Reigns was there every step of the way. I watched this match and I was so fascinated and so intrigued by it." Austin added, "this was the kind of match that Reigns needed at WrestleMania. That wasn't what he got at WrestleMania, but this match that he got and they threw in all the bells and whistles".

Austin claimed that Reigns' Payback match with Styles was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion's best match ever.

"This was, and he [has] had a couple of really good matches, to me, I think this is the best match I've ever seen Roman Reigns in and AJ Styles jumped off the chart at me and he's definitely a superstar and I hope the WWE has huge plans for this guy because that's how much I enjoyed this match."

Also, Austin said that he hopes that Styles' performance was enough to silence the doubters.

"AJ Styles goes down in defeat, but he goes way, way up on what the WWE thinks of this kid, if they had any doubts about him to begin with or maybe thought he was undersized or wasn't this, wasn't that. Man, I'll tell you what, if this kid is on a pay-per-view, I want to watch him work and especially if he's going to work with somebody high profile and in a money spot because this kid is way too good to be anywhere else but the top."

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