Any hope of the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather fight that the UK Sun rumored this morning was nixed, as Dana White told the LA Times it wasn't happening.

White seemed upset about the reports, saying they were completely untrue. He also noted that in addition to it being a difficult fight to put together, he heard that Floyd Mayweather is busy flying around the country.

"Completely fiction, this is like bottom-feeder stuff," the UFC President said. "McGregor-Mayweather? No. It'd be very hard to pull off. I've heard Floyd is on a worldwide vacation on Mayweather Air spending millions in every country he visits."

White also said that McGregor couldn't book himself an outside boxing match.

"Never. We're his promoter," White said. "We'd have to make the fight."

Conor McGregor remains unbooked after being pulled from UFC 200 for not fulfilling media obligations for the show.

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