Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of this week's WWE Superstars. Tonight's show features the final WWE match of Damien Sandow, as well as a big stipulation match where Apollo Crews must join the Social Outcasts if he loses!

Darren Young vs. Damien Sandow

Young starts off with a boot and a neckbreaker on Sandow, who gets aggressive and attacks Young with strikes. Sandow applies a chinlock before hitting a drop toe hold and heeling Darren Young by rubbing his face in the mat. Sandow also hits his roll-through leg sweep for two. Young comes back with a series of belly-to-belly suplexes and a Gut Check for the win.

Winner: Darren Young via pinfall (Gut Check)

Happy trails, Damien Sandow. Best wishes.

If Slater Wins, Apollo Crews Joins the Social Outcasts
Apollo Crews vs. Heath Slater (w/ Social Outcasts)

Slater can't break a waist lock from Crews and ends up rolling outside the ring. After several minutes, he comes into the ring, only to be taken down by another one. An Apollo Crews dropkick hits it's mark as we go to a commercial. When we come back, the Social Outcasts distract Crews, allowing Slater to attack. Slater hits a nice side kick and a knee in the face. Crews comes back with clotheslines, then takes out Bo Dallas with one. Back in the ring, Crews gets a back elbow, enziguri and Toss Powerbomb for the pin.

Winner: Apollo Crews via pinfall (Toss Powerbomb)

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