Source: The Jim Cornette Experience

Recently on The Jim Cornette Experience, Jim Cornette sought to further elaborate on his prior statement that Shinsuke Nakamura may face challenges on WWE's main roster, given Vince McMahon's spotty record when it comes to international performers.

As we previously reported, Cornette expressed his concerns over how Nakamura will be presented on the main roster, as his success will very much depend on how McMahon sees 'The King Of Strong Style'.

"Nakamura's going to be an instant star in NXT for as long as he's there. His success on the main roster depends on the chairman, as [Jim Ross] says, how Vince McMahon sees him in pretty much, the long run, because Vince's overwhelming success with luchadors or guys from Europe. How long did it take even Steve Regal to get a chance to get over, William Regal [or] the guys from Japan?"

Cornette expanded on this notion by telling a story about how McMahon wanted to have WWF midcarders beat luchadors brought in by AAA founder Antonio Peña for WWF's syndicated Super Astros show.

"Well, at one point, Vince also says, 'well, while they're here,' apparently, he started penciling these guys that Peña would bring up to feature on the Super Astros show in on like Shotgun Saturday Night, I don't know what, the B-show or whatever, something on Sunday Night Heat, and he was going to beat them with like an undercard WWF guy. And he didn't understand even if there was no internet at that point and communication wasn't instant, just for Peña to bring his champion up for this supposed business relationship and Vince to beat him on the B-show with an underneath guy, I told Vince, I said, 'why don't you just piss in his mouth while he's down there?' And he looked at me [and asked], 'what do you mean, pal?' I said, 'this is the guy's champion! If you want to do business with him, even if he is a f--king chump, you can't just f--king knock him off.' [McMahon replied], 'oh, okay. I understand.' He didn't think that way.

"So anyway, the point was, if Vince allows Nakamura to be himself and do what got him over and hopefully allow people to ease that translation into another culture instead of having him do goddamn skits part of a f--king Saturday Night Live f--king Chinese delivery f--king sketch or whatever because he doesn't understand how big or who the guy was in his culture, then, that could derail things, was basically the point of my statement."

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