- The UFC has released the first episode of UFC 198 Embedded in promotion of this Saturday's absolutely loaded show. The event features Fabricio Werdum, Stipe Miocic, Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort, Jacare Souza, Shogun Rua, Cris Cyborg and several other huge names. You can see the episode above.

Wrestling Inc. will have full, live coverage of UFC 198 this Saturday. You can hear us preview the event on last night's Wrestling Inc. Podcast at this link.

- Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva fired back at detractors after his 16-second loss this weekend to Stefan Struve at UFC Fight Night 87. Silva challenged his 'haters' to step up on an Instagram post translated by MMA Fighting. You can see the statement below.

"Many people think that because we're famous we don't have feelings or desire to sometimes answer something. I will be very open and transparent to many shi--y Brazilians. This is why Brazil lives in misery: no education, culture and anti-patriotism. I want the jealous who couldn't achieve their goals and success in life, who think it's easier to sit in front of a computer and talk trash at others who work hard, overcome pain, exhaustion, an many times overcome diseases to achieve success… I want those you talk trash to f--k off, sit in a big macaxeira. And if you don't like this and get mad like when you get in front of a computer, I train from Monday through Saturday at American Top Team, at 5750 FL-7 - Coconut Creek, Florida 33073. This is the address, show up there. But don't forget to bring a mouthpiece, gloves and shin guard.

"Thanks from the bottom of my heart to those who recognize a professional's work. I apologize for opening up, and the lack of manners, to all of you who love MMA or any other sport, and recognize that an athlete not only wins on victories. Nobody wants to be defeated, but we make a plan and God makes another."

- Vitor Belfort, who fights on this weekend's UFC 198 show, isn't too happy either, but for different reasons. In a controversial interview with Sport TV (transcribed by Bloody Elbow), Belfort compared the UFC's Reebok sponsorship to slavery.

"MMA is a lot closer to entertainment than sport these days," Belfort said. "I'm not satisfied with the way the company is handling sponsorship. We are pretty much living in slavery. We can't use our own sponsors, they are banned inside the Octagon. We have no properties."

Belfort faces Jacare Souza this Saturday at UFC 198.

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