UFC President Dana White did major media rounds today to promote this Saturday's UFC 198. Wrestling Inc. will have full, live coverage of UFC 198 this Saturday night.

UFC's relationship with Conor McGregor (to MMA Junkie):

"Conor and I have been talking every day. We're going to have dinner next week. Our relationship is great, and we're going to put the little speed bump in the road that happened there behind us and move forward. So everything is great. He will not be on 200. We're going to get together next week and see what card he's going to be on. We're going to get together next week and see what's next."

When Ronda Rousey could fight again (on The Dan Patrick Show):

"Ronda's going to come out and let us know when she's ready to fight again I would really like her to fight this year. I hope she does. No fighter worked harder than Ronda Rousey over the last three years, probably other than Conor McGregor. She deserves the time off."

Anderson Silva's condition (on The Kevin & Bean Show):

"Late in the afternoon yesterday, we get the call he's violently ill. He's throwing up. So we send him to a hospital. Then they release him, they he gets home and he's just so sick, we send him to a totally different hospital. Ends up this morning at 7:30 he went in for surgery. He had a problem with his gall bladder -- I don't know if they removed it or what they did, but he was in surgery for almost two hours."

You can see the episode of UFC 198 Embedded that shows Silva just prior to getting ill above.

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