It was a memorable week this week on, as I had both the honor and the privilege of conducting two very different interviews.

Kevin Nash joined me for a 2 1/2 hour interview for The Swerve. There was so much given by Kevin that I had to break the interview down into three parts. The first thirty minutes are available FREE by going to In this special preview, Big Sexy discusses everything 'growing up Nash'. From there, the official first part of the interview (part 2 will follow next week) will be posted on video today (sign up at and be available tomorrow on

During the first part of the interview, Kevin discusses slapping his college basketball coach, his life as a military man and his bond with Shawn Michaels. He also talked about what really happened that night at Madison Square Garden with the Kliq "Curtain Call".

"We're originally supposed to go out with Vince to Smith & Wolinsky's and have steak and wine - that is the plan," Nash said. "So Shawn walks in and says to Vince, 'I want to do this with my boys tonight'. Vince, as Vince always does, says 'Shawn how important is this - is it that important?' Shawn tells Vince, 'yes', and Vince says, 'then just do it'. So it was without malice that we did it.

"By the time we got through the curtain I turned to say something to Vince and Vince turned his back to me. I remember looking at Shawn and saying, 'Well it looks like Smith & Wolinsky's is out. This ain't gonna happen'. From there it took on a life of its own."

Kevin then goes on to say this about the Kliq.

"We did s--t because we loved each other and had each other's back, I hate to use the word organic, but it was organic. Everything we did was organic--it wasn't pre-conceived. That wasn't a work that night. It was four guys who loved each other saying goodbye."

On Tuesday's Vixens Who Rule, WWE / TNA Superstar Mickie James opened up to me - talking about for the very first time - the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of a family member between the ages of 9-14. In detail, Mickie struggles through the interview explaining how the horrific events of those five years led her down a dark road of drugs, dysfunction and depression. Later on during the conversation Mickie discussed the lack of management roles in wrestling for women and was gracious in reminding me of the time I dressed her down in her early TNA years.

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