As seen above, Eva Marie did a Q&A on the WWE Facebook page today. After making Eden give her a special introduction, Eva took questions. Below are highlights:

* In regards to when she's officially coming back to the main roster, Eva did this Q&A from backstage at a main roster live event and said to get ready because she's always bringing the heat

* Her biggest influences in the ring have been Norman Smiley, Sara Del Rey and Matt Bloom

* She's thankful to have trained with Brian Kendrick and says it was Kendrick's wife that made both of her ring robes

* She doesn't know why people hate her but says it could be because she's such a good bad guy. She says she's going to start calling her haters "salty dogs" and hand out salt packets when she comes out

* She does think there should be Women's Tag Team Titles, saying it would be good for the division

* The Rock has been one of her mentors and she looks up to him

* She says the boos don't phase her and she welcomes them

* She's says we'll have to wait and see if she has a permanent finisher, and that it will be on RAW one day

* Her dream WrestleMania match would be a singles or a tag match with a good storyline to get her haters salty, she thinks it would be nice to go against Paige at WrestleMania

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