Source: F4WOnline

After rumors were flying last week that Lilian Garcia had made her final announcement for WWE, the tenured ring announcer made her return to Raw tonight in Greensboro, North Carolina.

In a Facebook post on Saturday addressing her status with WWE, Garcia said she is still with the organization and that she had been absent from television in recent weeks to care for her ailing father during his battle with bladder cancer and multiple Myeloma.

Dave Meltzer said over the weekend on Wrestling Observer Radio that many people in WWE were under the impression that Garcia was among the performers released on May 6. He addressed the situation again in a post on Monday on the message board, where he revealed that the rumor was based on Garcia's name appearing on a memo listing recently released workers.

"Many in the company thought she was gone. It was openly talked about both from people within and those close to the company," Meltzer wrote. "She was telling her friends it was a leave and when she first was gone I was told it was a personal leave as well, so that's what I assumed. But one person after another for a week was saying she was gone, and these were people who had the lists of who was gone. WWE would not provide clarification when asked but since she was scheduled to return today I figured at worst we'd know for sure today, but it was cleared up a few days ago."

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