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- Austin Aries comes out for his match with Blake and Murphy. Shinsuke Nakamura is Aries' partner of choice!

Blake & Murphy (w/ Alexa Bliss) vs. Austin Aries & Shinsuke Nakamura

Aries kicks Murphy right out of the gate and tags Shinsuke Nakamura, who feels the Good Vibrations before a kneedrop. Blake distracts Aries, allowing Murphy to attack from behind. Aries tags Nakamura, who hits the inverted Exploder and the Kinsasha for the pin. Aries wanted the tag back in.

Winners: Austin Aries & Shinsuke Nakamura via pinfall (Kinshasa)

Alexa Bliss is abandoning Blake & Murphy. Blake doesn't looks like he wants to, but he leaves Murphy too.

- Bayley says she's going to prove to Nia Jax that she can't bully her way into whatever she wants.

- We see an Asuka video highlight.

- No Way Jose says he has a nice smile and likes to show it off, but it makes people underestimate him. He calls his positive energy 'Jose being Jose'.

Carmella vs. Peyton Royce

Carmella had well wishes sent to Enzo and Cass, and Royce got a full entrance this time. Peyton kicks and chokes Carmella, who comes back with an arm drag and a monkey flip. Peyton catches a kick of Carmella's and sends her face first into the mat for two, before hitting the Three Amigos with a beautiful Fisherman's suplex at the end. Carmella fights back with a Thesz press, huracanrana, superkick, Bronco Buster and a reverse STO to set up the Inverted Triangle submission.

Winner: Carmella via submission (Inverted Triangle)

- We are shown Samoa Joe and Finn Balor brawling in Portland, and the Balor/Joe steel cage announcement.

- Alexa Bliss is going off on Blake and Murphy backstage and says tonight was the last straw. She says she's going to become the NXT Women's Champion without her dead weight.

Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano vs. Rob Ryzin and Danny Burch

Gargano reverses an arm ringer and a headlock by totally outwrestling Ryzin before hitting a series of arm drags. Ryzin lands a knee and tags out to Burch, who has gotten in really ggood shape. Ciampa and Gargano hit a sick combo of knees. Burch clotheslines Ciampa, but only gets a one count. Gargano gets a hot tag and dominates both opponents before catching Ryzin with a slingshot spear. Ciampa and Gargano hit a sick knee/superkick for the win.

Winners: Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano via pinfall (kick/knee)

- William Regal announced that NXT Tag Team Champions American Alpha would defend against The Revival at Takeover.

Bayley vs. Nia Jax

Bayley immediately goes for a rear naked choke on Jax, but gets thrown down to the mat. Nia works Bayley over, who manages a kick here and there. Jax slams Bayley into the turnbuckle hard as we go to a commercial. We come back to see Jax brutalizing Bayley, even landing a shoulder breaker before hacking at Bayley's arm. Bayley goes for a sunset flip, but cant get it. Bayley manages to run Nia into the corner and uses her injured shoulder to ram her, which is puzzling.

Jax is knocked out of the ring and Bayley hits a huracanrana off the apron. Bayley comes off the top with a cross body, but Jax powers out of the count. Jax catches Bayley off the ropes with a spinebuster for two. Jax gets posted when Bayley moves, and is put into a guillotine. Bayley ends up DDTing Jax for two. Bayley looks like her knee is hurt, and Nia attacks it, leg dropping the knee. Jax follows with one to the back of the head for the win.

Winner: Nia Jax via pinfall (leg drop)

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