The Extreme Rules go-home Smackdown takes place tonight, and if WWE's Youtube rankings are any indication, the fans may be growing a little tired of the repeated Usos vs. Anderson and Gallows contests.

Typically anything involving the Club vs. Family rivalry is among the top viewed parts of Raw or Smackdown. That wasn't the case last week, as The Usos vs. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows fell to fourth in what was their fifth match with each other in three weeks.

Chris Jericho continues to excel, as his angle with Dean Ambrose was the top-ranked segment of the show at 807,285 views. Jericho and Ambrose have performed well with regularity in the company's Youtube rankings.

After a jump on Raw, the women's segment on Smackdown took another dive, with Dana Brooke's in-ring debut landing at number 7.

In what can't be a good sign for interest in New Day's appearances, both of them were in the bottom half of the rankings. Since their babyface turn, their numbers have taken a steep dip, but they had two of the last four spots for last week's Smackdown.

You can see the full Youtube rankings for the 5/12 Smackdown below.

1. Chris Jericho gets payback on Dean Ambrose (807,285)

2. Cesaro & Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens & Miz (649,124)

3. Rusev vs. Sin Cara (620,382)

4. Usos vs. Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows (588,897)

5. Kofi Kingston vs. Aiden English (537,283)

6. Gorgeous Truth vs. Goldango (529,300)

7. Becky Lynch vs. Dana Brooke (380,351)

8. The Vaudevillains interrupt The New Day (213,955)

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