This week on, Vince Russo's The Brand was highlighted by two EXCLUSIVE and VERY DIFFERENT interviews coming from two people of opposite worlds who make a living of not being afraid to speak their minds.

On Tuesday's Vixens Who Rule, star of America's Next Top Model, The Surreal Life and My Fair Brady, Adrianne Curry, stopped by to talk about her friendship with the late Joanie Laurer. What makes this interview deeply interesting is that Adrianne talks about a Chyna "after" her WWE wrestling career came to an abrupt halt. Adrianne discusses a side of Joanie that many of us never knew. As a recovering alcoholic and drug abuser herself, Adrianne goes into detail describing a person that was clearly heading into a downward spiral with a torturous desire of just wanting to be redeemed, accepted and loved.

From there, the focus shifted over to Kevin Nash, on Part 2 of his Swerve interview where he openly and honestly tackled difficult subjects such as; Eric Bischoff calling out Vince McMahon, the rise and fall of TNA, his program with CM Punk, who he'd return as Diesel for, independent contractors, drug testing and his thoughts on NXT.

Here are some excerpts from that interview:

What would have happened had Vince McMahon shown up to fight Eric Bischoff at Slamboree '98:

"The thing about Vince is you might be able to beat the dog s--t out of him, but if he gets that set of balls out, he'll smother you with those. There's nobody that has a bigger set of balls than that dude. I saw the Federal Government take a drilling unit up his ass and try to frack it -and he no sold it."

The WWE writers when he returned to WWE after WCW closed shop:

"I got a lot of heat for a lot of years for saying this - 90% of the creative crew from the WWE was writing for a show that basically was about sex and violence. 90% of those guys had never been laid, and 95% of them never had a fight. So, where were they pulling it from - Tarantino movies?"

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