Source: FOX Sports Australia

WWE Women's Champion Charlotte recently spoke with FOX Sports Australia. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights:

Who she goes to when she needs help:

"I don't go to my dad a lot because one he's my dad and he's bias. It's hard because my dad comes from a different era and when I first started in development he was very much hands off. He wanted me to learn on my own so there were people I grew close relationships to. Sara Del Rey was my coach, Norman Smiley, Terry Taylor, Fit Finlay, Arn Anderson, John Laurinaitis those are just a few I've gone to when I've needed help. We have Lita (Amy Dumas) now as a producer on the main roster. I've been learning from each person and working out what works best for me."

Staying in shape:

"The struggle is real. The way that I look at it my character Charlotte I came up with the slogan genetically superior, being in physical shape is important to me but part of my job. When I'm on the road I see it as part of being at the office. When I land I'll go to the gym and train and then go to the grocery store, pick up what I need and go to the show. That's my work day. I don't look at it as extra. This is part of the job. You want people to invest in you so I need to invest in myself. Being in shape is part of my success so far."

Check out the full interview with Charlotte at this link.

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