Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s coverage of WWE Superstars. Tonight's episode features the tandem of Titus O'Neil and Jack Swagger teaming up.

Jack Swagger & Titus O'Neil vs. Social Outcasts (w/ Heath Slater)

Swagger gets early offense, but gets clipped and is isolated in the corner of the Social Outcasts. Swagger finally dumps Axel to the outside of the ring and tags Titus O'Neil, who runs through his signature hot tag spots before getting a powerslam on Dallas. A Clash of the Titus finishes things off for an O'Neil/Swagger victory.

Winners: Jack Swagger & Titus O'Neil via pinfall (Clash of the Titus)

Zack Ryder vs. Goldust

Ryder scores a quick body press and a backslide, but Stardust kicks out and clubs Ryder in the back to take advantage of the match. Ryder recovers and is able to dropkick Stardust off the apron into the barricade. Stardust has control after the commercial break and goes to work on the arm of Zack Ryder. Ryder fights back and flattens Stardust with an Electric Chair Drop and a Broski Boot for a two count. Stardust comes right back with a Disaster Kick that gets a two, but falls victim to a top rope huracanrana and a Rough Ryder. Zack Ryder is victorious!

Winner: Zack Ryder via pinfall (Rough Ryder)

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