Tommy Dreamer has long been known for his violent ECW run where he gave and received some of the most brutal chair shots in wrestling history. However, during a recent interview with Live Audio Wrestling, Dreamer says there should never be chair shots to the head again.

With advancements in medicine and research, we know much more about concussions than when ECW ended in early 2001. Given the fact that WWE stars such as Daniel Bryan, Christian and Corey Graves have had to retire, weapons shots to the head have been banned in the WWE. Dreamer seems to agree with that notion.

"In ECW, it was 'hit me as hard as you can with a steel chair' and you did not put your hands up. In 2016, there should never be another chair shot to anyone's head at any level, because we know more about concussions and all that. I know I've had a lot of concussions," Dreamer explained. "I've broke my neck, broke my back, torn my biceps, torn my pec, I've never had a surgery. I think everyone is just different."

The former ECW, WWE and TNA talent elaborated by mentioning that his wife, the former Beulah, sustained a concussion three years ago that still affects her today.

"My wife of all people got clotheslined by Lance Storm in 2013 and suffered a concussion, and has a (sensitivity) to light. That's just one concussion. With Chris Nowinski and what he's doing with the concussion Institute, he's dating back to when you got your first concussion," Dreamer said.

Dreamer said that his first concussion came at nine years old when he ran into a tree and was knocked out while playing frisbee. He was also thrown off of a horse at 11. Dreamer says the main side effect he's seen is that his handwriting regressed, but said that it could be attributed to old age.

You can see Dreamer's full comments on Live Audio Wrestling above.

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