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On episode 82 of Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast, The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson, addressed a number of topics including The Bullet Club acting as a springboard for careers in WWE, failing in TNA, how the Booker T incident helped them find themselves, and whether they have been offered contracts by WWE.

According to The Young Bucks, being a Bullet Club member is almost a prerequisite for catching on with WWE.

Matt explained: "I honestly feel that that's part of the process now, like you have to go here before you go there almost. Like, that's fine. Like, I think it's cool. I think it shows how how great of a group Bullet Club really is. And it almost feels like when you come here, you really develop yourself. You develop a personality, not that a guy like Adam [Cole] doesn't already have it. But most guys come here, like an AJ Styles and he showed Nick and I a side we'd never seen. We're like, 'who is this guy?'"

Nick added: "everyone thought The Bullet Club was kind of dying, like, once AJ left, Karl [Anderson] left, [Luke] Gallows left. And Matt and I took offense to that because we've been here since day one. And we're like, 'oh, you want to write off The Bullet Club, huh? Well, we [have] got something crazy in mind.'"

As for the duo's TNA run, Matt described it as a failure. With that said, Matt claimed that they are better off for having endured that difficult time.

"I think it almost took going to TNA and failing, I guess failing, that's the best way to say it. People go, 'oh, you didn't really fail'. Well, yeah, we did. Like, we didn't make money there. Like, in my eyes, if you're a pro wrestler, the whole point of this is to get over to make money. We didn't get over [and] we didn't make money, so we failed. So I think having to go there and fail and kind of collect ourselves and go, 'well, what do we [have] to do now? Like, why do we have to listen to the things that they like, the things they want? Lets do what we like. Lets be ourselves!' And it took almost having to hit that wrestling rock bottom to finally go, 'screw this! Lets just have fun and be ourselves!'"

Also, Matt stated that the Booker T handshake controversy helped the Jacksons find themselves.

"It gave us an identity, a gimmick. Before that we were two fringe-wearing, tag team wrestling brothers. And then, that happened and we found ourselves because of it, so I actually owe it to Booker T."

The Young Bucks indicated that they have not received a money offer from WWE and that the timing has not been right for them to move on to the world's largest professional wrestling promotion.

Matt said: "for one thing, we haven't really exactly been available, especially because we're under a guaranteed contract with Ring Of Honor right now and we're with New Japan [Pro-Wrestling] too, so right now, we're unavailable. But I understand, like, yeah, there [has] always been that talk, like, 'why don't they just make them an offer?' And to tell you the truth, we've never actually had a real offer on the table."

Nick continued: "yeah, there was never money on the table, like, where we could say, 'oh, okay. We'll be making this [amount of money].' And we were available, what, seven months ago? No money offer [was made]."

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