- Variety reported this week that Mike Tyson has joined the cast of Kickboxer: Retaliation, which also stars Batista, Jean Claude Van Damme and UFC superstar Georges St. Pierre. As noted, UFC's Paige VanZant accepted a role in the movie this week.

- The Roanoke Times has a story about Virginia Tech head football coach Justin Fuente and the WWE Championship belt that he has displayed in his office. Fuente noted that Lawler gifted the belt to him when the two lived a few houses from each other when Fuente was in Memphis with the Tigers. When Memphis went on its American Athletic Conference run in 2014, Lawler was told that the Tigers had won the league and was asked if he would like to come to a practice.

"So they tell me right before that he's [Lawler] coming out to practice and so we get some Memphis gear, whatever," Fuente said. "He comes out and brings that [championship belt] and gives it to me. And I'm like, this is the coolest. All I've got is this crummy gear and you've got a WWE championship belt. So he gave it, hung out with us, the kids got pictures with him, all that kind of stuff...

"He was really, really nice and really neat to be around. Incredibly outgoing and it was really cool."

Below is a pic of Lawler's gift:

- Sheamus threw out the first pitch at the Tampa Bay Rays game this past Wednesday. After flubbing the first throw, Sheamus asked for another and threw a strike. You can check it out in the video below:

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