WWE live event results for May 28 from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, courtesy of Wrestling Inc. reader Jay:

* Erick Rowan w/ Braun Strowman vs Big Show. Crowd was really into Big Show. Rowan tried to leave in the early going but Show tossed him back to the ring. Strowman attacked Show while the ref was distracted. Big Show pinned Rowan with the knockout punch. Strowman attacked afterwards but got speared then Chokeslammed.

* Sin Cara vs Epico w/ Primo. Epico and Primo bashed Winnipeg to get some heat. The crowd was really into Sin Cara. Epico dominated until Sin Cara made the comeback. Primo distracted Sin Cara for Epico to roll him up with the rights. Epico and Primo invite everyone to Puerto Rico. The crowd clapped for Sin Cara.

* Baron Corbin vs Cesaro. Baron tripped on his way up the stairs. Cesaro was over with the crowd. Cesaro won with the Sharpshooter.

* WWE Tag Team Championship: Vaudevillains vs New Day. There was botch during the Vaudevillains entrance a bit of New Days entrance music played to a pop. Lots of New Day rocks chants. New Day retained with a Big Ending/Jumping DDT combo.

* Lana, Summer & Dana vs Paige, Sasha & Becky. Big pops for the faces. Lana looks to be improving. Short match that ended with Sasha making Summer tap to the Bank Statement.

* US Championship: Kalisto vs Del Rio vs Rusev. Byron did formal introductions but instead of introducing the challengers, Rusev demanded he be introduced first. Del Rio and Kalisto got pops. Del Rio and Rusev double teamed Kalisto. There was a spot where the crowd popped for Kalisto slamming Rusev. Ending came when Del Rio landed his stomp on Kalisto but Rusev immediately super kicked him and put Kalisto into a nasty Camel Clutch.

* Winnipeg Street Fight: Chris Jericho vs Dean Ambrose. Y2J came out first to a big hometown pop. He riled the crowd up bringing up old memories, the infamous "I'm from Winnipeg, you idiot!" and the old Winnipeg Arena where he watched Andre The Giant, Ultimate Warrior and other great legends who influenced him. Lots of Y2J chants. Ambrose was met with boos every time he was in control. Funny spot where Jericho takes a fans phone to take a selfie of himself with a beat Ambrose. Jericho defeated Ambrose to send the crowd home happy.

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