Diamond Dallas Page has etched his name into the history of pro wrestling, and was involved in many memorable moments. Perhaps among the most memorable was when he hit a Diamond Cutter on good friends Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

DDP was largely responsible for helping bring in Hall and Nash in 1996 after both men had left WCW several years prior. During his interview on Thursday's Wrestling Inc. Live, DDP was asked if they knew how instrumental he was in making the deal happen.

"They knew. Bischoff knew. They didn't have the NWO name then, but it all started in my garage. Bischoff puts that over in the NWO DVD, then I never get mentioned again! I'm like, seriously?! (laughs)," Page said.

DDP said that Nash came by with Scott Hall and Cody Hall at the DDP Yoga Performance Center recently. DDP said that when Scott Hall came into the company in 1996, everyone was excited. Once Nash came in and the duo started running over everyone on TV, the jealousy started.

"We're getting two of their stars red hot. Then they started killing everybody," Page said. "That was heat. Wait a minute, these two guys are killing everybody? Then when Hulk switched, the really killed everybody. They violated groups of guys. Everybody on top has a ton of haters. It was really unique for me, because both of those guys I helped come in. Both were legitimate friends of mine, killing everybody and I was allowed (to go under the radar). Nobody was really paying attention to me. I saw Sting like, leave, and I thought 'who's going to fight these guys?'"

Page said that situation led to the famous moment where Scott Hall was hit with a Diamond Cutter,a and Kevin Nash was sent tumbling over the top rope to the floor.

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