Last week's Raw Youtube numbers saw a giant dip, as have the WWE's ratings in recent years. Perhaps not coincidentally, the WWE announced that Smackdown would be going live in July. This week, however, saw quite a rebound in the company's Youtube numbers.

Seth Rollins, Enzo Amore, AJ Styles/Kevin Owens, and Charlotte all delivered big. Seth Rollins nearly got to three million views for his first appearance on Raw since the Slammy Awards in December. His segment with Stephanie McMahon terminating their business relationship also gained over one million. It's worth noting his Smackdown numbers only were in fourth place.

Enzo Amore's return ranked number two, with over 1.3 million views. Big Cass' match with Bubba Ray didn't do so hot, ranking at number 12 of 15. AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens, as well as Charlotte kicking her father out of the WWE also earned over one million.

Three Money in the Bank qualifier matches finished in the bottom half, along with several non-wrestling segments.

The New Days's numbers for their match was the median of the show, coming in at 642,012 views. However, their antics in celebrating Raw's 1200th episode were the lowest on the entire program.

You can see the full rankings for the 5/23 show below, as of 4:55 PM EST.

1. Seth Rollins returns (2,969,615)

2. Enzo Amore returns from injury (1,337,788)

3. AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens (1,228,746)

4. Stephanie McMahon ends her business relationship with Seth Rollins (1,033,105)

5. Charlotte kicks her father to the curb (1,019,478)

6. The Club breaks up (922,857)

7. John Cena return vignette (744,640)

8. New Day vs. Social Outcasts (642,012)

9. Chris Jericho vs. Apollo Crews (618,674)

10. Sami Zayn vs. Sheamus (573,472)

11. Cesaro vs. Miz (572,548)

12. Big Cass vs. Bubba Ray Dudley (439,762)

13. Sheamus attacks Apollo Crews (363,477)

14. Dolph Ziggler challenges Baron Corbin (275,180)

15. New Day celebrate Raw's 1200th (266,047)

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