* Dash and Dawson come out and talk about taking back their titles at Takeover. They admit American Alpha are great amateur athletes. Gargano and Ciampa interrupt. Ciampa says The Revival's time at the top is done and they can't beat Alpha or them. The Revival calls them "good hands" and Ciampa asks if they're speaking of themselves. Dawson tells them to go back to the bingo halls and let the top guys handle top guy business. Dash and Dawson goo to leave but Gargano accuses them of running up the ramp pretty fast for "top guys." Dash and Dawson come back but eat stereo dropkicks, then retreat

* Tye Dillinger defeated Murphy, who was alone. The crowd loved Dillinger

* Austin Aries defeated Elias Samson with the Last Chancery. Our correspondent noted that Samson had nuclear "go away" heat. Aries cut a promo after the match but fans chanted for Nakamura. Aries said at Takeover, he will make it official that he's the best in this ring

* Regal comes out for a contract signing with Nia Jax and Asuka. Nia says everyone has been running scared from Asuka but she doesn't understand why. She says Asuka beat Bayley but she broke Bayley. She says Asuka has never faced anyone like her and she's not scared of Asuka. Nia signs the contract. Asuka says Nia talks too much and signs also. Asuka then goes off on Nia in Japanese. Nia shoves her. Asuka comes back with strikes but Nia plants her with a powerbomb. Regal and two referees check on Asuka and help her to her feet

* Gargano and Ciampa defeated The Revival when Gargano reversed a top rope suplex into a pin. The Revival beat them down after the match and hit a Shatter Machine on Ciampa. American Alpha hits the ring for the save and a brawl breaks out. This ends the tapings as it's time for dark main events

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