As seen above, this week's sitdown interview features Dean Ambrose and host Tom Phillips. Below are highlights:

* Ambrose says it's crazy and exciting times with the brand extension coming up. There's a lot of uncertainty but Ambrose says he will be right there at the center of it all. Ambrose says the most important thing is all WWE TV will be live and he thrives in a live environment. In regards to where he might go in the WWE Draft, Dean says he's going to demand a big price tag for his services and go with the highest bidder

* Regarding Money In the Bank, Ambrose says he's been screwed before and feels like he's been WWE World Heavyweight Champion before, that he's done everything required but he always walks away empty-handed. Ambrose says it's always something and he's been drug through the mud for 2-3 years but he still feels like the king of WWE. Ambrose says he runs the show and does what he wants, how he wants and no one can stop him. Phillips asks how Ambrose hasn't been able to come out on top in a kind of match like this. Ambrose says it's not always in the cards but maybe it will be in June

* Phillips also asked about Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns for the title at Money In the Bank and asked if Ambrose might cash in. Ambrose says it is a possibility and the interview ends

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