It was clearly a taste of the old and the new this past week on Vince Russo's THE BRAND which could be both SEEN and HEARD daily on the and The week in crazed variety kicked off on Monday when the one and only KONNAN did a run-in on Lions, Tigers, Bears and Dirt, and did his absolute best to discredit the "good name" of The Disco Inferno. The banter between these two concerning TNA's Jeremy Borash - stooge, or no stooge - was perhaps the best the entire podcast world witnessed all week.

After covering this past week's episode of RAW and comparing and contrasting it to a historical installment from the Attitude Era, I formally introduced myself to Aaron Stevens, aka Former WWE Superstar Damien Sandow, and he openly tackled the tough topics I threw his way including: how he went about pitching his ideas to Vince McMahon, crowd reactions towards him seemingly being ignored, treating WWE like making a movie and if he ever considered leaving on his own terms. He also talked about the lack of a push following his win at Money in the Bank.

"At the time I'm thinking what is the reason? Due to the nature of the business you're going to question that," Stevens said. "I reached a point where I said, 'Look, whatever the reason is, overcome this by simply being good.' Maybe it's circumstantial. It's a play, it's a movie, all I have to do is keep the reaction and keep myself at a level that when my music hits - the fans give their opinion."

Later in the week I concluded the second part of my SWERVE interview with WWE two-time Champion and HOFer Bob Backlund. You can listen to Vince Russo's THE BRAND on PodcastOne every day FREE Monday through Friday, while having the option of enjoying the videos on The RELM Network where for the entire month of June you can subscribe to THE BRAND and get your first month FREE! All the information is at

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