Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of this week's Impact Wrestling. Tonight's show serves as the go-home show for TNA Slammiversary this Sunday. We'll be speaking to TNA stars EC3, Shane Helms and The Pope ahead of this weekend's show.

- Matt Hardy comes to the ring and says Jeff Hardy's hatred of him got in his way. He says that he beat Jeff so badly that we won't see him at Slammiversary, and instead, he wants his title back. Hardy calls out Drew Galloway, who obliges. Hardy wants added to the PPV title match, but Galloway says instead he'll defend against Matt Hardy tonight.

Number One Contender's Match
Sienna vs. Madison Rayne

Sienna works over the back of Madison Rayne in the corner. Rayne fights back briefly, but is stopped with an AK 47. This was a rough match,

Winner: Sienna via pinfall (AK47)

Sienna continues the beatdown after the match, but Jade makes the save.

- Mike and Maria Bennett hype their match with EC3 and Gail Kim tonight. Mike says that he'd moved past EC3, but he just wouldn't let it go. He says he might just end EC3 tonight instead of doing it in a blaze of glory this Sunday.

- Eli Drake is on top of a mountain with the King of the Mountain title. He hypes up his match this Sunday with Bram, and says he has a championship edition of Fact of Life tonight, so Bram isn't invited. We cut to the ring, where Eli Drake introduces himself and says he's punched Bram's ticket once and will do it again. He brings out The Decay, who do their thing and say they do the things these puppets are afraid of. The Bro Mans and Raquel come out and say they'll become three time tag team champions. Rosemary says they should fight now, and Raquel brings out their 'friends' Grado and Mahabali Shera. Eli Drake presses his 'dummy button' repeatedly. The Tribunal and Bram come out.

Bram, Grado, Shera & BroMans vs Eli Drake, Decay & The Tribunal

Unfortunately, fantastic DirecTV service caused me to miss most of this match. All hell breaks loose and Bram beats down everyone in sight until Drake sends him out of the ring. Grado goes after Eli Drake but eats a big lariat after a low blow and gets pinned.

Winners: Eli Drake, Decay & The Tribunal

- EC3 and Gail Kim are backstage. Gail Kim says she's happy she'll finally get her hands on Maria without Maria's girls to protect her. Carter says it isn't God vs the Devil, it's just to see who is better.

- Lashley confronts Matt Hardy backstage and calls him a sick freak, and says he's not letting anyone stand in the way of him getting the TNA title back.

EC3 & Gail Kim vs. Mike and Maria Bennett

Maria makes Allie wrestle instead, and she shrieks in EC3's ear. Gail Kim comes in and Sharkeisha's Allie all around the ring. Maria trips Gail, and Allie manages to gain the upper hand until a double facebuster takes both out. The men are tagged in and EC3 runs wild with a clothesline, jawbreaker and Stinger splash before chucking Bennett over the top rope. Allie comes in and screams, before running away. Gail jumps from the inside out onto Allie, and EC3 chases Bennett off after catching him with a steel chair. Allie counters an Eat Defeat with a coochie kick, but Kim pins her with a small package.

Winners: EC3 & Gail Kim

Sienna comes out and beats up Gail Kim after the match. A 3-on-1 attack commences.

X-Division Championship
Trevor Lee (c) (w/ Shane Helms) vs. Eddie Edwards

Trevor Lee headbutts Edwards right in the jaw, but Edwards counters with an inverted atomic drop. Edwards baits Lee outside, and slingshots, then suicide dives onto the unsuspecting Lee. Back inside the ring, Lee German suplexes Edwards, but can't get the three off of the bridge. Edwards earns the same fate on a Blue Thunder Bomb. Andrew Everett comes out and pushes Edwards off the top, but DJ Z is the equalizer. Shane Helms attacks DJ Z from behind and cracks Edwards with the title. Lee rolls Edwards up for the pin.

Winner: Trevor Lee to retain the X-Division Championship

- Lashley visits Drew Galloway backstage and says he'll knock him out or tap him out this Sunday. Galloway says he's tapped out Kurt Angle, and will tap out Lashley. Lashley says he doesn't tap.

- Gail Kim is shown in pain being tended to backstage.

Braxton Sutter vs. Bill Callous

Both men go back and forth until Sutter kicks Bill in the mush and connects with Paydirt for the win.

Winner: Braxton Sutter

Sutter talks to Borash and says he's humbled, but he's not here to take part, he's here to take over.

- Willow is backstage doing crazy Willow stuff.

TNA World Championship
Drew Galloway (c) vs. Matt Hardy

The action quickly spills outside, as Matt Hardy takes advantage. Hardy bites the face of Galloway, that sicko. Matt Hardy applies a nice standing guillotine, but Galloway reverses it with a suplex, and follows up with big chops and a Celtic Cross for a two count. Galloway is placed in a tree of woe, but catches Hardy on the top rope and tosses him off. Lashley runs into the ring and attacks Galloway. Lashley falls to the outside on a spear attempt, and he and Galloway brawl away from the ring. The lights go out and everyone in the first few rows are wearing Willow masks. Willow is on video saying Matt Hardy will always live in Jeff's shadow. Jeff Hardy comes out and brawls with Jeff to end the show.

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