- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson appeared on LIVE with Kelly with Kelly Ripa and co-host Alec Baldwin this morning to talk about his new movie, Central Intelligence. In the clip from the episode above, Johnson talked about starting to play football in high school at the age of 16 and an incident with his coach, Jodi Swick. He said that when his family moved to Bethlehem, PA, he immediately got into a fight in school and was expelled. When he came back to school, he didn't want to use the boy's bathroom, so he used the teacher's bathroom. After he washed his hands, a person came in, Swick, and told him that he couldn't be in there. Johnson, who admitted that he "was a punk" at the time, brushed him off and said, "in a second." Swick then yelled at Johnson to "get the f--- out of here!" Johnson left and brushed his shoulder off of him.

Johnson felt bad and approached him the next day and apologized. Swick shook Johnson's hand and said that he wanted Johnson to play football for him, and he obliged. Johnson said that the moment changed his life and that he believes that a big reason that he got to where he is today is because of Swick.

- John Cena and Stephanie McMahon will be speaking at the Cannes Lions festival, which takes place in Cannes, France from June 18-25. Cena and McMahon will be speaking on June 23rd. According to Stephanie, they will be speaking about how WWE "has kept audiences engaged the past 50 years."

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