Professional wrestling legend Bill Goldberg was recently interviewed by Romain Mahut to promote the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion's participation in WWE 2K17, the video game. Among other things, Goldberg discussed the possibility returning to WWE for another match or run, whether he has been in contact with Triple H about coming back to WWE, and what his timeframe would be for a return to the squared circle.

With respect to whether teaming with 2K Sports brings him closer to a WWE return, Goldberg indicated that he did not choose to work with 2K for the purpose of getting back together with WWE. With that said, Goldberg would like to return to WWE to show his young son what he used to do for a living.

"I know this is a very big step for me in that I've been away [from WWE] for a long period of time and I never really ever saw myself being involved with them again, but along came my wonderful son and [it] opened up the possibility of doing something with the WWE again and I'm grateful to be in this situation." Goldberg continued, "for me, my involvement in this video game is a huge honor. If it leads to something else, that's not why I got into it, so be it, and I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it. But that's not why I got involved in this by any stretch of the imagination. And like I said, you never say never."

While Goldberg would welcome a WWE return, he admitted that the decision is not his alone. Goldberg said he has only spoken with Triple H about a return to the company once in over a decade.

"That's a very big issue that I'll have to deal with in that I'm greatly appreciative of anybody and everybody that would want me to return to the ring. But, at the end of the day, it's not just my decision." Goldberg added, "the reality is you're hearing this straight from my mouth. I spoke to Hunter one time, I think, in the last 12 years. Never been in negotiations. Just a conversation here and there, but it never went to the next level. I think both of us were on the same page with that."

Goldberg said that he would be open to a one-off match or a longer run, but it all starts with one match.

"If something like that happened, could there be a possibility of me doing more than one appearance? You never know. But, at the end of the day, there has to be one before there [are] more than one."

As for the timing of a possible return, Goldberg said he would like to get in the ring within the next five years.

"I think in five years from now, my ability to be 275 lbs. and have traps that go from my ears, you know, to my shoulders, is going to be tough, tough, tough, I'm sure."

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