Source: The Ross Report

Lucha Underground Co-Executive Producer Chris DeJoseph was recently a guest on The Ross Report with Jim Ross. DeJoseph admitted to being bothered by WWE's interest in Lucha Underground's talent. Also, DeJoseph professed that there has been some talk of expanding Lucha Underground episodes to 90 minutes. Lastly, DeJoseph acknowledged that Lucha Underground is interested in some of the talents recently released by WWE.

According to DeJoseph, the fact that WWE is interested in Lucha Underground's talent bothers him to some degree. With that said, DeJoseph indicated that it comes with the territory and it would be more worrisome if Lucha Underground was failing to produce marketable stars.

"It's expected. I expect it, and, if anything, it's business. I understand that. And these guys go out and make a living doing this. Does it bother me a little bit? Sure, when I hear some things. It's not like we're actively going after people on their roster or things like that. In a way, sometimes it makes me feel like, 'are they doing it to stop us from being something?' Maybe. I don't know. It's a weird thing, but at the same time, we just keep carrying on and doing what we do and keep making stars on our show and keep doing our thing. Keep making Lucha Underground."

DeJoseph stated that there has been some talk internally about extending the show from one hour to 90 minutes.

"[90 minutes] is like the perfect time to get all the stories you need to in, great matches, give matches some time, and at the same time, not overdo it and keep me interested to come back next week." DeJoseph added, "the 90 minutes would be perfect. Have we talked about it? Sure. It's something that we would love to have. But in a way, I enjoy the one hour because it goes by so fast. The next thing you know, it's like, 'gosh, I have to wait a-whole-nother week for it?' And I think that's a good thing to have happen."

When asked whether Lucha Underground has any interested in the talents released by WWE on Black Friday 2016, DeJoseph responded in the affirmative.

"Absolutely! I mean, there's no question that there would be talents that would be interested. A lot of great talents got released, so, yeah, without a doubt, if something like that opens up or a spot that we think that somebody would fit well in, that would definitely be a possibility. Obviously, you would have to come to an agreement with that talent and who knows if that talent even wants to come to Lucha Underground, so, yeah, absolutely."

In addition to these topics, DeJoseph discussed the possibility of Lucha Underground going on the road, whether a Lucha Underground film is on the horizon, and much more. Click here to check out this edition of The Ross Report. If you use any of the quotes that appear in this article, please credit The Ross Report with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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