- WWE posted the video above of new recruit Jeet Rama training while at home in India. Jeet was signed last year, and worked WWE live events this past January in New Delhi, India.

- Stephanie McMahon was not on RAW because she is in Cannes, France for the Cannes Lions festival. The festival kicked off over the weekend, and McMahon will be joined by John Cena to speak this Thursday about how WWE "has kept audiences engaged the past 50 years."

- Mick Foley congratulated Dean Ambrose on Facebook for winning the WWE Championship, calling the feat "well deserved." He wrote:


Congratulations to Dean Ambrose on winning the #?WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Ambrose as champion should make for a very interesting summer.

I have been getting quite a few questions asking if Ambrose's win reminds me of my own first WWE title victory. It does in the sense that everything Ambrose did - every hard-fought match and every entertaining promo - was building a sense of credibility (even if the feuds and scenarios he was placed in were sometimes frustrating) so that when the big moment did arrive, it made total sense, and was was largely seen as being something that was well-deserved.

I think it's going to make for a very interesting summer. How about you?

Below is his full post:

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