On the latest episode of MLW Radio with Court Bauer, Mister Saint Laurent & Konnan, who is a good friend of Alberto Del Rio, discussed the recent incident with Paige over the weekend in Las Vegas.

After the Money in the Bank pay-per-view this Sunday, Paige and Del Rio went to watch the Absinthe show in Vegas. While they were there, a drunk couple started heckling the couple, calling them "fake wrestlers" and things of that nature. Bauer said that an argument broke out and Paige was "accosted."

Police were called to the scene and they stabilized the situation, which included the routine of handcuffing people everyone involved. They then briefly took Paige to an ambulance to ensure that there was nothing wrong with her. There wasn't anything wrong, and after that, Del Rio and Paige were free to go. There was no drunkenness, domestic dispute or jaywalking.

The full episode is available for free download here.

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