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* Oney Lorcan (Christopher Girard, Biff Busick) defeated Tye Dillinger in a stiff, aggressive and solidly good match. Dillinger got distracted by the crowd chanting 10 during his corner punches, which led to Lorcan hitting a neckbreaker for the win

* No Way Jose defeated Josh Woods in a quick match. Austin Aries interrupted Jose's post-match celebration. Aries says in this industry, you're not defined by your wins, but your defeats. He says he was defeated while he was not 100% and that even though he had bruised ribs, a real guy doesn't make excuses. Aries says he and Jose talked after the match, and says he wondered what he could learn from Jose. Aries says he learned it's all about having fun here at NXT. They dance over to the announce table, where Aries kills Jose with a rolling elbow and then beats him down.

* A huge Aries chant breaks out and he runs back, kills Jose with a Last Chancery on the ramp until the crowd boos him

* Bayley defeated Deonna Purrazzo

* Nia Jax quickly squashed Liv Morgan with a brutal powerbomb

* Tye Dillinger comes out and complains that he is better than having lost 2 matches tonight. He says the show stops until he gets his. He calls Andrade "Cien" Almas out and a match instantly starts. Tye walks out after Andrade does the Tranquilo rest in the ropes spot, then comes back in only to get tossed back out. And leave. Not sure if this will air or if it was a re-shoot of some spots from their earlier match

* Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Murphy in a fun little match, just below the two I saw them have in Atlanta/Nashville this weekend

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