- UFC.com has a new article looking at Brock Lesnar's career, which contains quotes from an interview the site conducted with WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross in 2014. In the article, JR discussed Lesnar's UFC career and his role in first signing Lesnar.

"I saw Brock in his junior year of college in the NCAA tournament, and Jerry [Brisco] and I both agreed that it had been years since we had seen anyone that big, that quick, that agile, that had that sports entertainment look that you couldn't really take your eyes off of," Ross said.

"The dialogue we had with Brock was very casual," Ross continued. "We said 'focus on your amateur career and your classroom work, and if you win a national championship next year, it will be worth more money to you if you come to WWE.' That conversation came to fruition and he won a national championship, so we were already in place, knocking on his door to provide a college student a career."

- Dolph Ziggler will be appearing at the Cricket Wireless Store at at 746 W Brandon Blvd in Tampa, FL next Monday, June 21st from 11am - 1pm, ahead of that evening's RAW at the Amalie Arena in Tampa.

- As noted, WWE CFO George A. Barrios participated in a presentation at the Bernstein Global Future of Media & Telecom Summit in Boston this past Tuesday. During the presentation, Barrios discussed the possibility of adding new tiers and pricing for the WWE Network, as seen below:

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