- In the WWE Unfiltered clip above, Cesaro revealed to Renee Young that he sewed his tear-away suit, noting that he learned sewing and crafts in school.

"The thing is that I can visualize how I want it to look and how I want it to go," Cesaro explained. "I tried to explain it to somebody, and I was terrible at explaining it, so I [just said] 'I'll just make it myself' because I can picture it."

Cesaro said that he made all his own gear before joining WWE, and also sewed gear for Chris Hero, Eddie Kingston and Sara Del Rey, but he outsources it now because the WWE seamstresses are amazing.

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- Former WWE star will be starring in a new horror movie titled, 100 Acres of Hell. In the film, Snitsky portrays a wrestler who, after a family tragedy and a major injury in the ring, meets his three best friends for a "bros' weekend" of hunting and debauchery on an abandoned wildlife preserve. This vast, densely-forested, no-man's land where they make camp is devoid of ranger patrols and contact with the outside world. Buck soon discovers - maybe a bit too late - that a ferocious in-bred lunatic lives on the preserve whose only pleasure is to brutalize anyone foolish enough to wander onto his hunting ground. The movie also features former WWE superstar Sam "Samu" Anoa'i from The Headshrinkers and is directed by Jay Lee (Zombie Strippers!, The Slaughter, Alyce Kills).

An Indiegogo campaign is currently underway to complete post-production of the film. You can support the campaign by clicking here for perks that include signed copies of the film, tickets to the premiere, and a one-day group session with Snisky and Samu.

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