As noted, Goldberg was Steve Austin's guest on The Steve Austin Show this week. Below are a couple of highlights (h/t to The Inquisitr for the transcription):

Reports that he was difficult to work with:

"I had a lot of power, quote-unquote, in WCW at one point I always felt bad about guys who had been in the business for twenty fu--ing years and they're jumping off a building for twenty bucks, and here comes Goldberg six months into the business, and I got the fu--ing belt, and I'm making whatever. So as a businessman if I had no fu--ing heart then I wouldn't have given a sh-t and I would have said, 'You know what, my bank account is getting huge, f--k these other schmucks, put 'em in the backseat and who cares about them.' But I cared. Bobby Eaton, I wanted to put Bobby Eaton over in his hometown on his birthday in a dark match during my streak. They wouldn't let me do it. Nobody fu--ing tells you about that fu--ing story. But it's always, 'Goldberg, he was selfish, he was this-and-that' At the end of the day I had power at times and I never used it maliciously."

Why he left WWE:

"Up in the WWE I always felt there was something fighting against me It turned out to not be very much fun for me life is not always about money, I wasn't having fun anymore."

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