- WWE posted the video above from Swerved. In the clip, Dean Ambrose plays a contestant named "Darryl," who is getting destroyed by the other player, Ariel. Ariel keeps winning prizes, so Ambrose paid her $20 to get one answer in. The woman obliged, and Ambrose's prize happened to be $10,000. The look on the woman's face is pretty good.

- There are rumors floating that Brock Lesnar is being advertised for the WWE Draft episode of WWE SmackDown on Tuesday, July 19th. Don't read too much into it as the person who has been sending that is the same person that sent out the fake Royal Rumble 2017 info. Lesnar is currently not advertised for any upcoming WWE shows, and likely won't be until after his UFC 200 fight with Mark Hunt on July 9th.

- WWE Intercontinental champion The Miz will be appearing at the Cricket Wireless Store at 12530 Pines Blvd. in Pembroke Pines, FL this Tuesday, ahead of that evening's SmackDown taping at the American Airlines Arena.

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