As seen on RAW tonight, Seth Rollins' addressed Roman Reigns' WWE suspension during the opening of the show, which you can watch in the video above.

Rollins said that the Reigns scandal embarrassed him and soils his good name since he was the architect of The Shield. Rollins then showed Reigns' apology tweet on the big screen and mocked it, before saying that he owns Reigns. He then tried to get Reigns removed from the Battleground main event, but was unsuccessful.

Ambrose interrupted Rollins' promo and also addressed Reigns, saying that "Roman made a mistake, we all make mistakes. I used to be friends with you, that was a huge mistake. You [Rollins] wear skinny jeans, that's a huge mistake. Roman made a mistake, he owned up to it, he apologized. Unless he's going to borrow New Day's time machine, I don't know what anybody else can do about it. I'm not worried about it."

At the end of the promo Stephanie McMahon later and said that what Reigns' did was embarrassing, but it wasn't as embarrassing as Ambrose being WWE Champion.

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