PWG has announced 20 participants for the 2016 Battle of Los Angeles, which takes place from September 2-4. Below are the names announced so far:

1) Cody Rhodes
2) Kamaitachi
3) Jeff Cobb
4) Mark Haskins
5) Dalton Castle
6) Pete Dunne
7) Sami Callihan
8) Tommy End
9) Trevor Lee
10) Adam Cole
11) John Hennigan
12) Jack Gallagher
13) Chris Hero
14) Mark Andrews
15) Ricochet
16) Matthew Riddle
17) Marty Scurll
18) Matt Sydal
19) Kyle O'Reilly
20) Fénix

Cody Rhodes promised to buy everyone at the show of drinking age a beer if he wins it. He wrote:

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