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NXT opens up with a video package looking at tonight's main event, a 2 out of 3 falls match between American Alpha and The Revival for the NXT Tag Team Championships.

Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss

In-ring action kicks off with Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss in a Women's Division match.

Bayley comes out to the usual warm reception while Bliss enters with her newfound attitude. They lock up as Bayley takes early control. Bliss turns the tables with a stiff kick and using the ropes to her advantage with a slingshot. Bliss maintains control with a headlock. Bliss continues with a variety of submissions and early pin attempts. Bayley catches a Bliss kick and turns it into a buckle bomb. Bayley gains momentum with a series of splashes, back elbows, and high knee strikes. Bayley covers Bliss for a two count! Huge right hand from Bliss to Bayley after the pin attempt and Bayley is down as we go to commercial.

We return from break with Bliss still in firm control. Bayley counters a second slingshot into a cutter between the ropes. Cover for a two count. Bliss grabs Bayley into a choke hold and floors her, leading her into her knee strikes she calls "insult to injury." Bliss goes to the top ropes and Bayley joins her. Sunset flip from Bliss for a two count. After Bliss goes to complain to the official, there is a series of bridges, roll-ups, and backslides for covers from both ladies. Bayley hits a belly-to-back suplex for a two count. Bayley goes to the second rope as Bliss sweeps the legs out from under her. Bliss misses with a splash as Bayley gets her knees up. Bayley then grabs Bliss for the "Bayley-To-Belly" suplex for the win.

Winner Via Pinfall: Bayley

After the match, Bayley grabs the microphone and talks about her road back from injury and losing the title, attributing it to Nia Jax. Jax comes to the ring in street clothes to confront Bayley. The two exchange words and seem to agree on a match as the segment ends.

We get a vignette for the newly signed tag team, TM-61.

We go backstage for an interview with The Revival. They claim they will retain their championships with their "4 fists and good sets of feet."

Blake & Murphy Vs. The Hype Bros.

We head back to the ring for tag team action pitting the Hype Bros. vs. Blake and Murphy. Blake and Mojo Rawley start us off Murphy quickly tags himself in. As Blake and Murphy sort out their differences, Rhyno returns! Rhyno gores Rawley, Blake, and Ryder to a huge reaction. We shall see what implications his return has in the future.

No Contest--Interference

We get a look at Finn Balor vs. Shinsuke Nakamura with comments from Triple H, NXT Superstars, and more. Great video package that includes a great deal of their history in Japan.

Returning backstage, American Alpha talks about the main event as they seek to recapture the Tag Team Championships. They say they are more "ready, willing, and Gable" than ever.

Samoa Joe returns to Full Sail and NXT next week!

An interview tries to get a word with Rhyno as he leaves the arena and asks why he is back in NXT. Unfortunately for the interviewer and the viewing audience, we don't get an answer as Rhyno silently walks away.

American Alpha Vs. The Revival: 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match For NXT Tag Team Championship

Gable and Dash Wilder start and match and lock up. Lots of fast-paced chain wrestling ends with Gable applying an Ankle Lock. Dash gets to the ropes and Dawson is tagged in. Jason Jordan enters the match as we get some more clinical mat based wrestling to a standoff. Dawson goes for Gable outside the ring as Gable attacks Jordan from behind. Jordan quickly rebounds and we see American Alpha go for moves in tandem ending with dropkicks in stereo. We head to break.

Out of the break, Dawson is in control of Jordan. Dash gets the blind tag and maintains control. The Revival cut off the ring with quick tags and work the left knee of Jordan. Several shots are delivered to Jordan's left knee, including to the steel ring post. Big dropkick from Dawson to Jordan as Dash tags in and continues to work over the knee. Gable is able to make the tag and cleans house with a series of punches and dropkicks. Gable suplexes Dawson for a two count. A bit of confusion on who was legal for American Alpha and Dash lowers the ropes for Gable to take a spill to the outside. We head to commercial.

Returning to the ring, Dawson is in control of Gable. Back to the quick tags and crisp teamwork from The Revival. Gable slips out of the way but fails to make the tag as Dawson gets to him just before the tag. Huge spine buster from Dawson to Gable for a two count as the crowd gets behind American Alpha. Assisted leg drop from Dawson to Gable for a two count. Jordan gets the hot tag and clears the ring. Jordan spears Dash for a two count! Jordan counters a move into the Ankle Lock on Dash for the tap out and first fall.

Fall #1: American Alpha

Quickly into the second fall, we get a series of pin attempts from Jason Jordan for two counts. Dawson applies an Inverted Figure Four on Jason Jordan for the tap and second fall. We are tied up at one fall each!

Fall #2: The Revival

The action remains fast and furious with a series of pin attempts to no avail for either team. The Revival misses Shatter Machine as Jordan applies the Ankle Lock, but Dawson counters. Dawson applies the Inverted Figure Four once again, but Gable makes the save with a desperation splash. Gable now the legal man as he and Dawson battle on the ring apron. Shatter Machine from the apron to Gable. Dawson returns to the ring for the pin and three count! The Revival are still your NXT Tag Team Champions.

Fall #3 and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions: The Revival

The show closes as the Revival celebrates in the ring and American Alpha recovers outside the ring.

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