- Kotaku.com has a feature here looking at easter eggs in WWE 2K commercials. It listed these items that you might have missed in the new WWE 2K17 Brock Lesnar promo, which is above:

* A warehouse named "Del Rio Imports and Exports" and a ferris wheel reading "Spinaroonie" (at the 0:15 mark)
* Steve Austin's smoking skull logo (0:25)
* A billboard for "Big Show's Really Big and Really Tall Menswear" and a water tower reading "Suplex City" (0:29)
* Erick Rowan sheep masks followed by a "Brogue Kick Saloon" on a door (0:31)
* A Paul Heyman cameo (behind Lesnar at the 0:33 mark)

They missed a couple:

* A Dean Ambrose logo spray painted on the wall (0:30).
* A Braun Strowman sheep mask (0:33).

Are there any others that were missed? Let us know in the Comments section below.

- The Telegraph in the U.K. has an interview with NXT wrestler Hugo Knox, who discussed transitioning from a soccer / football goalie to a WWE ring. During the interview, he described what a typical day is like at the WWE Performance Center.

"A basic day is strength and conditioning training for two hours," he said. "And that's a lot of functional stuff, not your typical bodybuilder workout. Then you're back in the ring for maybe three hours of drills and cardio."

- John Cena posted the following on his Instagram today that looks an awful lot like a certain TNA star who has been in the news this week for his "Final Deletion" match with Jeff Hardy on Impact Wrestling. Either that, or it's Triple H with a bad hair day. Cena often posts random photos on his Instagram, but there are a lot of occasions where there is another meaning to them.

A photo posted by John Cena (@johncena) on

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