Source: Ballin’ Out

On episode six of Billboard's Ballin' Out podcast, WWE Superstar John Cena talked about hosting the upcoming 2016 ESPY Awards.

According to Cena, he was initially nervous about the opportunity to host the ESPYs, but he said he will have fun and use his experience entertaining live audiences to his advantage.

"At first, I was a little nervous. It's just a new thing and it's a very important thing. And when you said, 'the first WWE Superstar ever [to host the ESPYs]', so I'm well aware of like, 'okay, lets see if he messes up'. The ESPYs wants to run a good show and I've got a history with entertaining live audiences. And usually, I do it for 20 minutes to an hour of a three-hour broadcast and I get to do it for the hour, so it's going to be fun. And, I don't have to get hit with anything for an hour, so I think it'll be okay."

Cena said that the main difference between performing in the ring and on stage is that the 15-time world champion is very experienced in the squared circle.

"The familiarity, like, I know the ring. I've done it for so long. It's just a part of me. And being able to do something like host a broadcast, it's just different."

Cena divulged that he has not been in contact with former hosts of the ESPY Awards for pointers. Cena went on to say that his ability to poke fun at himself will separate him from the other past hosts.

"They won't let me get in touch with them. No, it's like a 'do not buy' list. I can't talk to any of the past hosts. They have security guards that follow me around. I get tased if I even think about it. Can't even do that. I'm sure they have their own methods for doing what they did. I certainly watch all the stuff. It sounds so sports cliche, but I'm going to go out there and do the absolute best that I can." Cena added, "I think the ability to certainly laugh at myself. I do not care. I've been called everything in the book. I've been in some pretty embarrassing positions. I think a lot of the comedy is going to come in the form of, 'hey, I don't mind spoofing on what I do for a living, I don't mind spoofing on myself, and I'm going to whirl a bunch of the athletes into the spoof', so it'll be pretty cool. It's a chance to involve moments in sport with entertainment."

When asked what he believes are the biggest headlines from the world of sports this year, Cena mentioned the big victories of Peyton Manning and LeBron James as well as the passing of Muhammad Ali and Pat Summitt.

"I think sports in general has had a very storybook year and I come from a pretty storybook profession, so I think I might have some fun with it." Cena continued, "the Peyton Manning Super Bowl situation is like a fairy tale. It's a pretty good situation. LeBron [James] winning in Cleveland [Ohio], I think long-term is excellent for basketball just because of what LeBron [will mean to the sport in the future]. I mean, he means a ton to the game now, but 10, 15 years from now, he's going to mean so much more. We lost Muhammad Ali. We just lost Pat Summitt. Like, there are things happening right now that are definable, memorable moments in sport and that's what's great about sport. People leave such an impression on our lives."

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