This is the second part of a three part Season 2 finale.

The show opens with highlights from earlier in the season of what has transpired between Mil Muertes, Catrina and King Cuerno. That hypes tonight's death match.

Melissa Santos welcomes the audience in the temple to Ultima Lucha Dos Part 2. Vampiro and Matt Striker are at ringside promoting tonight's death match and the 7 fighter Gift of The Gods title match.



Night Claw who was also featured briefly in the opening video package, is making his LU debut. The match starts with Mariposa and Star battling in the ring while Killshot and Marty battle it out on the outside. Chaotic opening to this match. Rapid fire inside and outside. Sinestro and Daga try to team up on Night Claw who overcomes the odds and takes them both down. Daga starts to gain momentum and hits a cutter on Sinestro and a dropkick on Claw. Night Claw recovers and attacks Sinestro and eliminates him with a front face jumping suplex as we go to the break, The match is down to 6 competitors.

Back from the break, Kobra Moon is watching Daga from ringside as Daga does a plancha to the outside on Claw. Sexy Star goes to the top rope and dives on top of the lucha fighters on the outside. This is followed by aerial moves to the outside by Marty and Killshot. Marty is now in the ring with Daga. Daga hits a rolling arm bar submission, Marty powers out and slams Daga into the corner. After some reversals, Daga gets a rolling rear naked choke but Night Claw breaks it up. Daga attempts a german suplex on Claw but Claw lands on his feet. They both battle to the top rope and Claw hits a top rope frankensteiner. Night Claw then hits a phoenix type moonsault onto Daga and pins him. Daga is eliminated. We are down to 5.

The action spills to the outside again. Night Claw climbs to the top of the stage and does a moonsault off of it onto everyone at ringside. Wrestlers recover and Killshot is in the ring with Marty. Killshot takes out Marty with an impressive dropkick in the corner. He then kicks Night Claw off of the apron. Killshot grabs Mariposa on the apron and gives her a death valley driver. Killshot then goes into the ring, does a rolling cutter on Marty that knocks him out of the ring. Claw and Killshot are left in the ring alone. They both battle to the top rope. Claw hits another hurancanrana and a standing moonsault for a near count. Killshot moves out of the way of a Night Claw moonsault and then grabs Claw and puts him into an electric chair position and hits a storm cradle driver. Killshot pins Claw to eliminate him and bring the field down to 4.

We are now down to Sexy Star, Mariposa, Marty The Moth and Killshot. Sexy and Killshot immediately go after their rivals. Star attacks Mariposa in the corner and ends up giving her a stinkface. Killshot and Star end up working together against both Marty and Mariposa. Sexy then flies off of the top rope onto Marty. Mariposa is in the ring with Killshot and hits a sunset flip powerbomb on Killshot for a near fall. In comes Marty who hits a curb stomp on Killshot. Mariposa hits the "butterfly" power bomb on Killshot and eliminates him. We are down to 3 final competitors as we go to the break.

We are back from the break and the brother and sister tandem of Marty The Moth and Mariposa are double teaming Sexy Star. Star fights back and hits a headlock head scissors combo on Mariposa and Marty. She then applies a fujiwara armbar on Marty before it is broken up by Mariposa. Marty accidentally punches his sister and knocks her out. Star takes advantage and pins Mariposa to eliminate her. We are down to 2.... Star and The Moth. Marty tries to make amends with Star but gets slapped and then chopped repeatedly. Star gets a tarantula submission on Marty, He breaks free and side slams Sexy. Marty then viciously punches Sexy in the face and in a creepy fashion attempts to pin her but Star kicks out at 2. Marty is taunting Star in the ring and she fights back and gets a cross arm breaker on Marty The Moth. Marty attempts to reach the ropes but taps out before he can.


Post match, Sexy Star celebrates with the title as the crowd in the temple chants "You deserve it" as we go to the break.

Matt Striker and Vampiro preview next week's two hour season 2 finale of Ultima Lucha Dos. Matches hyped are Rey Mysterio vs Puma, Matanza vs Pentagon Jr for the Lucha World Title, Black Lotus vs El Dragon Azteca Jr, Taya vs Ivelisse and The Trios Title match.

Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro are shown in a interrogation room when we come back from the break. Ryan and Castro are interrogating their informant Mr. Cisco and the informant says that he is scared of being found out by Dario Cueto. Ryan tells Cisco to finish the mission.



Mil Muertes and Cuerno start off the match taking strikes against each other. Muertes gets the early advantage using his power. Cuerno uses his agility to fight back and knocks Mil to the outside. He then hits a baseball slide and a suicide dive through the middle ropes onto Mil. The fans chant for Cuerno to do it again but he gets caught by a right fist by Muertes. Muertes starts throwing King Cuerno into the barricade and into chairs and then beats him with a chair. Mil then throws Cuerno into the audience. Muertes hits multiple chops on Cuerno. Cuerno tries to throw Cuerno into the barricade but King reverses and then hits a flying cross body onto Mil on the floor.

Both fighters battle through the arena and on to the stairway to the perch where the house band plays. They both start hitting each other with musical equipment. Cuerno loses his balance on the perch and is knocked off by Mil Muertes. Mil then stalks Cuerno and pulls out a table from under the ring. He also gets a ladder and throws it at King Cuerno. He then grabs the ring steps and sets them up near Cuerno's body. As Mil is on the apron, Cuerno recovers and trips him up. They are both finally back in the ring. Muertes is back on his feet and knocks Cuerno down with one solid punch. Mil goes to the top rope, Cuerno recovers and hits a hurancanrana. We are back on the outside again. They are both fighting up the stairs, Cuerno rams Mil's head through a glass window. Muertes recovers and does the same exact thing to Cuerno. Back at ringside, Mil sets up another table. Mil sets up Cuerno for a power bomb but Cuerno reverses it and then hits a swinging ddt on Muertes. He now goes under the ring and finds a table of his own and sets it up at ringside. Cuerno applies a choke hold on Muertes to put him out. Cuerno crawls into the ring. As he turns, Mil has recovered and joins him in the ring.

It then becomes a slugfest with both trading blows. Back outside the ring once again, Mil attempts to throw Cuerno into a ladder. Cuerno reverses it and back flips Mil into it instead. Cuerno grabs Catrina at ringside and threatens her. Mil Muertes is back on his feet and spears Cuerno through a table at ringside. Mil Muertes power bombs King Cuerno through 3 consecutive tables. Mil throws Cuerno into the ring and then gets a crowbar from under the ring. He jumps off of the top rope and nails Cuerno in the back of the head with it. This is followed by a tombstone piledriver and the victory.


Post match, Catrina comes into the ring and does her trademark kiss of death on Cuerno. The medics are out and they put King Cuerno on a stretcher and carry him out.

Matt Striker is at ringside going over what Pentagon Jr did last year at Ultima Lucha and what he will have to do at this years Ultima Lucha vs Matanza. Matt then turns to Vampiro and asks him what Pentagon will need to do to beat Matanza. Vampiro pulls out the pills, he was given at the start of the season and throws them away into a trash can. Vampiro then says he is Pentagon's master and he is leaving to get his student ready. Matt then walks off the set to close the show in the temple.

Dario Cueto is in his office with the informant, Mr. Cisco. Dario Cueto notices that Cisco is nervous. Cueto finds the wire on him as we are shown that Joey Ryan and Cortez are listening on the other end. Cueto says on the wire. "Come get me" and then asks Cisco what do the police want him for....murder....... Cueto says "they do now" as he bludgeons Cisco to death. Cueto sits at his desk and he plants the bloody murder weapon onto the desk and calls someone on his phone and says "It's time" as the show ends.

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