Source: The Ric Flair Show

As noted, Cody Rhodes was a guest on the first episode of The Ric Flair Show. Among other things, Rhodes talked about leaving WWE and whether there is any truth to the rumor that his departure from the company was an elaborate hoax for Rhodes to drop the Stardust character. Also, Rhodes discussed Dolph Ziggler and his reputation for being a great amateur wrestler.

According to Rhodes, he decided to leave WWE partly to prove himself. Additionally, Rhodes claimed that there is no truth to the rumor that his WWE departure was really a plot for him to get rid of the Stardust character.

"There are a lot of motivations for my departure from WWE, but, certainly, like, wanting to prove something." Rhodes added, "I can tell you 100% that WWE and myself have gone separate ways. I saw even there was a rumor about, like, a merchandising contract, but I think that might extend from the fact that the only discussion, post-WWE, was about my dad's books and it was very important to me that they granted me the rights to write his book before I left, but it was important. I knew that was one of the big risks I was taking with leaving."

In Rhodes' opinion, people overlook Dolph Ziggler's amateur wrestling background because he is not the size of some of the other notable WWE performers who have crossed over collegiate wrestling.

"He's a very tough kid and he's one of those [guys] who has the earned reputation, backstage at least, of 'you're going to get tied up if this goes further'. He's the real deal." Rhodes professed, "I think that people forget because he's not necessarily as big as Brock Lesnar or Jack Swagger or some of the guys with an amateur acumen, Dolph Ziggler is like Kent State's most winning wrestler. That man, when he wants to, we had a couple [of matches]. [Flair] watched him in that referee's position that one time, there were a couple of nights where I was a little worried and then getting a little pissed too, like, 'well, I'm going to give him the best thing I find in Georgia, the old double leg something.'"

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