- Fast Company posted the comedy sketch above of John Cena living his dream job of being a career counselor. Please note that the video contains a lot of f bombs from Cena.

- Philly.com has an interview with Drew Gulak, who was promoting the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. During the interview, Gulak talked about how surreal the experience is.

"I can't stress how surreal it was for me," Gulak said. "I came from here. I came from Philly. I came from the crowd watching these events growing up and I watched guys that made it into the tournament, Tajiri especially. It's cool to just be amongst him in a WWE ring.

"I started watching tournaments like the Super J Cup and all of those classic wrestling tournaments growing up. Best of the Best was my first live event. That's a huge tournament on the independents, and now I'm in WWE's version of that. That's wild, right? That's nuts."

Gulak also talked about his phone "blowing up", if he had to make many adjustments for WWE and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

- Speaking of the Cruiserweight Classic, Triple H posted the tweet below of himself watching the tournament while at last night's NXT TV tapings:

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