- Above are the latest WWE Power Rankings, topped by WWE Champion Dean Ambrose. Seth Rollins was #2 on the list, followed by AJ Styles, Sasha Banks and Rusev.

- As noted, Jeramie McPeek and his 15-year-old son interviewed Glenn "Kane" Jacobs for their podcast, Like Father Like Son. During the podcast, Kane discussed Shane McMahon's return to WWE, and Shaquille O'Neal wrestling in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. He also talked about this week's WWE brand extension.

""I'm very excited about it," Kane said. "I think it's going to give guys a lot of opportunity. I think it's going to give us flexibility and variety in the shows that we don't have right now, which is going to be good for everybody. And creatively, hopefully what we'll be able to do is create products that stand alone, and in many ways, have audiences that are fans of both (shows), but for different reasons. If we're able to achieve that, and be able to compete against ourselves in that way, I think it's going to be a winner for everybody."

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